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Saturday Showdown

It's time for Round 2, fellow Bucketeers.

Round 1 was a success, with Rebekah ousting Caleb to become the first ever Saturday Showdown Champ. And as a small reward, she received two weeks of free advertising here on Life Before the Bucket!

Our competitors for Round 2 are just as good - I promise. Here are the rules:

I'll provide you with links and snippets of two blog posts from the past week that I really enjoyed (for whatever reason). I'll present them to you, and then we'll put them up for a vote. All votes must be in by sundown in Manhattan, KS on Sunday (the 1st in this case). The winner will be featured for two weeks as the current Saturday Showdown Champion (so... free advertising!).

Sound simple enough? Alrighty! Let's get ready to rumble!

This week, we've got two very different stories of service. Vote for the one that resonates most with you!

Emmanuel shows up on our front porch about once a week. His name means “God with us,” but if there’s anyone on the planet who appears to have been forgotten by the Divine, It’s him. He stands at about 5’4″ and has maybe a handful of teeth left. when he speaks, I catch about half of what he says, but there’s a childish innocence in his eyes that betrays the years of hard living he has endured since then.

Contestant #2 - "Remember:: Spaghetti Day" by The Hendrick Family

We remember this day every year by eating Spaghetti, retelling the story, and thanking God for mercy. I don't know why there is so much suffering in this world. I don't know why babies sit in hospitals with teary-eyed mammas by their sides or why mercy and healing seem to stay just out of reach. I don't know why my baby is whole today when other mothers with sick kids probably prayed more, fasted more, read their Bibles more, and were over-all better woman than I ever hope to be. Yet their babies suffer on.

After you've checked out both of these blog posts, be sure to vote in our poll! (Refresh the page to see current results after you vote)

So there you have it! Who is going to be our next Saturday Showdown Champion? It's up to you, my friends.

... ... ...

After you vote, be sure to leave a comment telling us why you enjoyed the post you picked!

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