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I realized that we only have 4 weeks of school left last night. My motivation level dropped about 1007%.

When we last left off in our epic Spring Break journey, typical road trip chaos had ensued. Missed that post? Check it out here. Thankfully, though, we finally made it to Wakarusa, Indiana, home of none other than Aunt Kelly, Uncle Billy, and Isaac.

No seriously. I really meant "none other." There's literally no one else there.

So maybe I'm being a bit facetious. That's beside the point. Aunt Kelly and Uncle Billy are relatives of Kalyn that she is very close to and loves very much. Unfortunately, they live in a town with a population of 3 that is $200 worth of gas away from us. Thankfully, though, they will be moving back to Kansas soon. Until then, though, Wakarusa is the place to be (5 points to anyone who caught that ridiculous TV show reference)...
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