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What I've Learned in College (So Far)

A special thanks to my sister-in-law for
being our emergency photographer!
I don't know if you heard, but...

Our school let us graduate!

We're not sure if they'll regret this decision or not...

In light of this and the fact that we just moved back to our hometown but can't live in our home quite yet, posts this week might be a bit haphazard. You've been warned!

Before anything, though, I do need to say this: thanks SO much to everyone who voted for me in the blog contest last week! I took first place, which means that I plan on rewarding you guys soon!

Also, a HUGE thanks goes out to all of our family who came to our graduation and then to our friends who helped us move. We'd be helpless without you guys.

But now, on to the topic at hand. You see, when people graduate, it's kind of a big deal - especially when you pay thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars to do it. People want to know if the whole shebang is worthwhile.

This post is my very premature answer to that inquiry (especially since I have two more years of school left starting in the fall!).

What I've Learned in College (So Far):

It's expensive. Too expensive. You'll just have to get over that now.

If you don't know what you want to do with your college education, do it somewhere cheaper. The magic career fairy doesn't grant answers more quickly to those who pay more.

More than likely, you'll remember the good times you had with your friends before you remember your schooling. So either become a hermit, or enjoy that time while you can. 

Student loans are a pain in the foot. Whatever you do, don't take them out to live on unless you're in dire circumstances (and no, needing a 52" HDTV is not considered a "dire" circumstance in any world). 

Become who you want to be now, not later. I didn't need to graduate college to start writing, or even to start serving the people I want to serve the rest of my life. 

Someone at our school is always fond of tweeting these words around the time of finals each semester: you are NOT ever your grades. Even if you get good ones.  

There will always be someone who seems smarter, tougher, faster, prettier, friendlier, and just about every other adjective you can think of. But nobody is better equipped to be you than you. 

Build relationships (dare I say... friendships?) outside of the classroom with your teachers. It's in real life, not a classroom setting, that you'll learn the most from them. 

Some words from Shane Claiborne seem fitting here: "Find where your passion meets the world's needs." This place needs something from you, and college is a great time to figure out what that is. Work to truly be who you are, and not who you're "supposed" to become, and you'll quickly discover where that intersection of your passion and the world's need resides.

I promised myself I'd stop at ten points, so there you have it. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to enjoy our last-ever summer break. 

... ... ...

Questions: What were some of the biggest lessons you learned while in school? If you could do anything differently about your time in high school or college, what would it be?

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