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Living to the Fullest: Can a Nomad Do it?

Note from Adrian: This week's guest post is from another blogging friend called Nowhere Man. Not much is really known about the Nowhere Man. He seems to be on some sort of personal quest.. a never ending search for purpose. With each step a new discovery that brings him a tiny bit closer to unveiling the true meaning of his own existence. Hopefully, someday he will find what he is looking for.

The Nomad keeps a journal of his travels, exploits, and mishaps on his blog, Nomad Way of Life. He can also be found on the Twitter Machine.

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A full life can mean something different from person to person. Whatever those differences may be, the main significance is what matters to you.
It doesn't necessarily have to involve exploring the world through wanderlust like I do.

Or leaping off of a perfectly good bridge with a rubber band tied to your feet, hoping for a thrill or rush that you can't experience on perfectly stable ground.

It could be taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life that we all too often take for granted, like taking a break from those stress-inducing work-related phone calls that seem to suck way too much out of your life.

For a brief period, take a walk through that favorite garden of yours to find that perfect flower. Or even better, enjoy a beautiful sunset as it’s warm glow glistens over the horizon (my personal favorite, I’ll admit).

An experience is much more fulfilling with the cell phone turned OFF, when you don’t have to worry about having 10 seconds to breathe.

Perhaps it’s that child’s smile and the joy you have, knowing that you have brought new life into this world, or the thought of having the opportunity to shape that miniature being into something that will make the world a better place.

Take the time to do whatever it is you truly enjoy, no matter what, void of any excuses (which are easy to conjure up), because the truth will inevitably reveal itself..
The day will come when those little things that held so much joy will be the most important memories of your life.

Enjoy beauty.

Enjoy life.

Most of all, enjoy the time that you get to spend with the people that you care for the most.

It took losing everything that I ever owned or possessed, as well as the one person that I was ever able to truly love in this world, for me to finally wake up and open my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us every day. I can't say that I am glad that it happened, but I will say that it was a hard lesson that I needed to learn. The worst thing that any of us can ever do is to take for granted all of the gifts that this world offers us every day.

Cherish your blessings, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at the time. We only get one shot at this, so let’s make it count.

I know that I will not live forever. I accept that. The time will eventually arrive when tomorrow doesn’t come. But until that moment arrives, I will do everything that I can to live for today.

Carpe Diem.

... ... ...

Questions: What do you enjoy doing that makes your life feel fulfilled? What gifts do you sometimes take for granted? How can you "seize the moment" today?

This guest post was part of a guest post series called "Living to the Fullest." Interested in joining in? I'm still looking for submissions! Just write up a post, or even just an idea, and e-mail it my way.
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